Stéphane Riethauser was born in 1972 in Geneva, Switzerland. He holds a law degree from the University of Geneva. Over the years, he has been working as a teacher, gay activist, photographer, editor, journalist and translator – before becoming a television director. He is the author of “A visage découvert”, a photography book about coming out (Ed. Slatkine, 2000), and has created numerous documentaries and reports for Swiss Radio Television RTS (2003-2008). He also produced and co-directed documentary feature “Le Temps Suspendu” on painter Marius Borgeaud (Lambda Prod, 2007). Since 2009, Stéphane Riethauser has lived and worked as an independent filmmaker in Berlin. In 2012, he released his first fiction short film “Prora” (15 awards and 120 festival selections worldwide).